»Keep Walking!«

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the world famous scottish Whisky-brand »Johnnie Walker«, we have redesignated the »International Hickory Golf Champiosnhips of Southern Germany« into a great 3-day-event under the title »The Johnnie Walker Hickory Golf Classic«. With the help of this renowned sponsor, we are able to offer a truly wonderful frame programme to all participants – with many little highlights, reviving the 20s and 30s in their most beautiful and classic form: nostalgically and traditionally elegant!

Apart from accompanying elements such as a Hickory-Golf Nations compettition on the first day, an english garden picknick in the castle’s garden, a »Johnnie Walker Whisky Bar«, a cigar-lounge, historical Dixieland music from the 1930s, a parade of classic, historical automobiles, a first evening with Welcome-Drinks, a »Clubmaker’s Market« and a final Chapman Fourball on the neighbouring golf course of GC Steisslingen, in the heart of the weekend, the main event will take place as the »Championship Tournament« on Saturday, June 15th.

We will have the championship being played in two valuation classes: on the one hand with original, historical Hickory clubs (dating before 1935) and on the other hand, in a separate competition, with replica clubs, being manufactured after historical models.

A great amount of prizes and awards are awaiting Hickory Golfers in variable competition classes, amongst them a special assessment for Golf professionals who play for a serious prize money.

We invite Hickory Golf enthusiasts from all over Europe – Ladies and Gentlemen, amateurs and professionals, afficionados and absolute beginners to join us for this feast of true, oldstyle golf. And we hope to welcome an exquisite, international field of players at Schloss Langenstein. We will do our best to make you feel at home, enjoying the walk and the game!