Johnnie Walker Hickory Golf Classic 2019
(International Hickory Golf Championships of Southern Germany)

Saturday June 15th, 2019
(Framework Program: Friday, June 14th – Sunday, June 16th, 2019 )

Country Club Schloss Langenstein
Lake Constance

Venue: 18 holes strokeplay (gross) on the Championship Course for the Johnnie Walker Hickory Golf Classic (= (International Hickory Golf Championships of Southern Germany) as well as Net-Strokeplay (Exact playing handipcap by factor 1.5 / max. exact handicap -36)

Tee-off: June 15th, 2019 – from 10.00 a.m.

Conditions of Competition: The competition is to be played in accordance with The Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A and their interpretations as contained  in the „Official Guide to the Rules of Golf“, The Rules of Amateur Status, the „DGV-Vorgabensystem“ (handicap system) and the Conditions of Competition established by the Commitee Golf Club Schloss Langenstein e.V.

Equipment: The tournament is played in two competition classes:

Competition Class A) ANTIQUE HICKORY SHAFTED CLUBS: club heads made prior to 1935 equipped with wooden hickory shafts.

This category is for equipment made to replicate, as nearly as possible, clubs that were made prior to 1935.

For Club repairs the rules of the Society of Hickory Golfers „Modern Equipment Guidelines“, N° 1 und N° 3, as of March 2015, as well as „Approved repairs & renovations“ are applicable. Other shaft materials or metal shaft inserts are not permitted.

Modern balls in accordance with The Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A as well as balls in accordance with the guidelines of the Society of Hickory Golfers „Modern Equipment Guidelines“, N° 5 are permitted.

The Committe of the Johnnie Walker Hickory Golf Classic 2019 will be the sole judge as to any related questions.

Dresscode/Etiquette: Historical costumes as nearly as possible to the 1930s are obligatory while participating and playing. For gentlemen plus-twos, plus-fours or knickers are appreciated, as well as jackets, vests, formal shirts, ties or bow-ties, flat-caps or hats. Ladies shall play in dresses, skirts (over knee), blouses, jackets, hats, etc.).

We ask not to use modern materials and garish colours (also for wheather gear and umbrellas, etc.) Please do not hesitate to consult costume rentals if you do not have appropriate costumes available.

Trolleys, Carts and  Distance measuring: Only histroical trolleys are welcome. We ask you to carry your golf bag preferably in the traditional way. Carts and electrical trolleys are not permitted. The committee may decide exceptions. Distance measurement instruments are not allowed.

Disqualification: The Commitee is authorized to disqualify and to exclude participants from the competition who are infringing rules. Any decision of the commitee is final and can not be appealed. The reimbursement of the participation fee can not be claimed.

Eligible Players: Amateurs who are members of a german golfclub, that is member of the DGV as well as members of international recognised golf clubs with a maximum exact handicap of – 36,0 or with a club playing handicp of max. -45,0. Participants with a club playing handicap of max. -45,0 will start with a maximum handicap of -36,0 for the net competition. Professionals (Playing as well as Teaching) are also eligible if they are either members of the PGA of Germany or of any other recognised foreign PGA.

In case of more than 80 entries the later entries are not eligible. However, in this case a waiting list will then be opened.

Rating/Prizes, Sudden-Death:Gross- and Net separately for original Hickory Golf Clubs and for Replica Hickory Golf Clubs, as well as separatelely for Ladies and Gentlemen. Best Gross Amateur for Ladies and Gentlemen separately and also for the best gross Professional. In case of identical gross results for Ladies, Gentlemen or Professionals, sudden death play-offs will take place directly after the regular competition. The play-offs will take place on the 18th hole repeatedly as long as one player scores a lowest gross final winning score fort he Johnnie Walker Hickory Golf Classic. For the further places the last better 9 holes will make the decision. In case of same results the last 6, 3, 1 holes will make the final decision. For the net the referring handicap will be related. In case of further equality the places will be drawn through Flights/Groups will consist of a maximum of 4 players.

Entries: by complete name, exact handicap and home club addressed to

Closing date for entries: Sunday June 9th, 2019 – 6.00 p.m.


Friday, June 14th, 2019

Until 2.00 p.m.
: Welcoming and Registration in the Club House
2.00 p.m.: Pratcice-Round / Informal international fourball-betterball competion
From 6.00 p.m.: Welcome Drinks on the Club House Terrace

Saturday, June 15th, 2019

10.00 a.m.:
Start of the Championships from the 1st Tee
From ca. 5.00 p.m.: English Garden-Picnic-Dinner in the Parc of Langenstein Castle
with Johnnie Walker Whiskey Bar, Cigar Lounge, Dixieland-Music. (We also appreciate historical costumes for the dinner event!)
From ca. 6.00 p.m.: Oldtimer-Parade with historical automobiles
ca. 6.00 p.m.: Prize-Giving for the Champions and Winners
Dresscode: Historical Costumes / Jacket & Tie and Dresses

Sunday, June 16th, 2019

10.00 a.m.:
Informal Hickory-Golf (to be played as Chapman-Foursome or Single) among friends on the Golf Club Steißlingen (in close neighbourhood to the Golf Club Schloss Langenstein)

Frame program:During the first two days (Friday and Satruday) a Club-Makers-Market and a Club-Fair will take place

Entry Fee: Two-Day-package (June 14th and 15th, 2019):

Incl. Practice round during the international four-ball better ball team competion on Friday June 14th and 18 hole competiton, halfway catering and dinner on June 15th, 2019

Guests: EUR 129,- incl. Greenfee

Members (GC Schloss Langenstein): EUR 89,-

The entry fee has to be made on time via online wire transfer to the following account:

Douglas Parkverwaltung KG – Volksbank Überlingen,
IBAN DE18 6906 1800 0042 3330 00,

Optional: Day 3 (Sunday June 16th, 2019)

The Greenfee for the optional mutual farewell hickory round on Sunday in the GC Steisslingen is Euro 76,50 and has to be paid directly before the tee-in the Pro-Shop/Secretary.

Starting Times:The Starting Times will be sent on Friday June 14th, 2019 by SMS and eill also be published on Friday durning the registrtion of the players.


Competition Class A) ANTIQUE HICKORY SHAFTED CLUBS prior to 1935:

Ladies 1st Gross, Gentlemen 1st and 2nd Gross

Best Amateur Lady and Best Amateur Gentlemen (Gross) if Professionals are participating

Ladies 1st and 2nd Net, Gentlemen 1st, 2nd and 3rd net

No double prizes – Gross before net            

Ladies 1st Gross, Gentlemen 1st and 2nd Gross

Best Amateur Lady and Best Amateur Gentlemen (Gross) if Professionals are participating

Ladies 1st and 2nd Net, Gentlemen 1st, 2nd and 3rd net

No double prizes – Gross before net

Prizemoney for Professionals:

1st:                   Euro 300,00

2nd:                  Euro 200,00

3rd:                  Euro 100,00

(If more then 10 Professinals are participating the prizemoney will be increased.)

Attention: The first 5 signed-in Professionals will receive a complementary accomodation for a maximum of 2 nights (Fri.-Sun.) either at the Hotel K99 in Radolfzell am Bodensee or at the Hotel Trezor in Singen am Hohentwiel!

Ladies: red
Gentlemen: blue

Committee: The Committee, Referees as well as local rules and starting times will be published in the Clubhouse. Decisions of the Commitee are final and can not be claimed. Any changes can be made through the committee before the first tee-time on Saturday June 15ht, 2019.

Hickory Rental

Clubs:Approx. 10 Original Hickory Rental Clubs (prior to 1935) including a bag will be available for rental. An insurance for shaft damages is included. Please make your reservation on time:

1 day: Rental Fee Euro 30,00 (incl. insurance for shaft damages)

2 days: Rental Fee Euro 50,00 (incl. insurance for shaft damages)

3 days: Rental Fee Euro 60,00 (incl. insurance for shaft damages)

Please reserve your rental set latest while signing in for participation berfore Sunday June 9th, 2019 – 6.00 p.m.

Accomodation: Upon request a list with recommendations for Hotels will be available for you by email or online.

With friendly support

Johnnie Walker
Brun del Ré
Jacques Le Mans / JuwelierEhniss
Hotel K99 / Hotel TREZOR
Golfpunk (Medienpartner)
GC Schloss Langenstein
German Hickory Golf Society e.V.